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Youth Enabling Service ....YES!

Who is YES! For ?

YES! Is an enabling service aimed at young people who need a little extra support, whether because of additional needs or other issues that affect the independence and confidence of a young person. Generally we work with young people up to the age of 25. Each young person is matched up with an enabler who will then be their personal worker.

What is YES! For ?

To help young people to experience and access activities and places in their own community with the help of an enabler. It may be for respite for a parent and just to spend some time with a new person, or it may be that you need a little help and support to be able to either do things on your own or with other people and groups. Whatever the reason we are able to work with most people in most situations and our clients and their families find us an invaluable resource during our time with them. Although many clients come to us through special needs referrals some other reasons for referral are;

  • Young people identified as LGBT who needed support and help to access other services. Both emotionally and practically in terms of transport etc.
  • Young people in their late teens with special needs needing support in the transition into independence and managing themselves away from their family.
  • Young people feeling socially isolated and needing some support to work on confidence and independence.
  • Young people with challenging behaviour who benefit from 1-2-1 work.

When is YES!

Sessions will be negotiated with the individual and carer. The sessions will be flexible and mutually agreeable and could be evenings, daytime or weekends An agreement will be drawn up and each agreement will consist of a set number of hours. We anticipate that an agreement will consist of 12 hours equating to 6 weeks of 2 hour sessions per week. Although this can be flexible.

How much will YES! Cost?

Between £10 and £15 per hour + activities.



Bob Poxon

If contacting us about this please mention you are interested in our Youth Enabling Service as we have a number of different services.
The Oval Community Centre
Roslin Park
NE22 5HU

Phone: 01670 531843