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Work force

Trinity recognises that our workforce, volunteers and paid staff are our biggest asset. We also wish to ensure that we maintain the Investors in People standard, as we believe this is the best way of stating our commitment to staff.

We need to ensure that Trinity staff are trained for the future, and our new strategy will ensure we continue to meet the Every Child matters workforce challenges. We have already reviewed job descriptions in line with the government strategy and we want to develop this work.

During 2008 we will produce a workforce strategy that will strengthen our intention to develop and maintain a high quality well skills competent workforce. Our workforce strategy will help us achieve the following ambitions:


  • We want to ensure we have a skilled workforce, dedicated to providing high quality services.
  • We want to be an organisation people want to work for.
  • We want staff and volunteers to feel valued.
  • We want to deliver more internal training for staff.


  • Ensure we have funding available to develop our training plan.
  • Ensure training links to our business plan.


  • Ensure all appraisals are completed.
  • Ensure all staff have professional development plans.
  • Monitor the appraisal system.
  • Review the system to match competencies and link with our business plan objectives.

Staff Rewards:

  • Offer staff recognition of long services.
  • Offer staff recognition of achievement.
  • Thank staff.
  • Ensure flexible working conditions.
  • Be a nice place to work, free from harassment and bullying.
  • Recognise extra responsibilities.