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Green policy

Global warming and green house gases caused by mans use of fossil fuels appear to be contributing to potentially damaging climate change. Trinity has a policy of seeking to take both ethical and environmental initiatives to help build a sustainable business that can put something back into the world we live in.

Trinity, as a Charity, has found it particularly difficult to make massive progress in this area. One of the things we will be seeking to do this year is to reduce the organisations carbon footprint. Looking at our carbon footprint is a way of gauging the effect a business, charity or individual is having on the environment by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide their lifestyle, or business produces.

We have used the Governments measures to work out our carbon footprint and through consultation with staff, customers and stakeholders we are seeking new an innovative ways for reducing this.

Our current measures include:

  • Working with our waste disposal company to recycle paper
  • Purchase only energy efficient light bulbs
  • We have applied for funding to install a solar panel to heat water, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation at the head office.
  • Ensure all appliances are switched off when not in use
  • Recycle ink cartridges
  • We now only order recycled paper
  • Using the Carbon Trust we will work out our carbon footprint annually and set a realistic but stretching target for reduction over the next 5 years
  • Open a new Out of School Club in Ponteland to negate the need for a minibus to transport children
  • Seek funding to install solar panels in Out of School Clubs where appropriate in partnership with schools
  • Ensure clubs and services incorporate green issues in activities and programs
  • Stimulate staff to suggest new ways of saving resources
  • Reduce the use of paper in offices
  • Encourage staff to accept e –newsletters via email to reduce postage and paper
  • Switch to a ‘green’ energy provider
  • Reduce waste

Our estimated Carbon Footprint is 33 CO2e (Tonnes) as at April 2007